Snock® by Jaffic

Meet the Snock®, a zero-waste cowl scarf partly made from upcycled recovered materials (see upcycled sections). Easy to use, stylish, and original – and warm as toast.

The Snock is made by Ryan Kerr. Ryan grew up in the hills of Scotland where the biting wind makes a mockery of classic scarves. In Japan where he lived for six years, the unconventional fashion inspired him to think outside the box, and inside the Snock.

Designed to cover all the most important parts; Snock is also available in custom designs – get in touch for more info.

Fashion/product designer and sustainability activist Ryan Kerr moved to Berlin in 2010 where he was inspired by the local green movement. When he began to design clothes he was shocked by the amount of waste in fashion, even on a small scale. Meanwhile an experiment with tubing led to his invention of the Snock as a solution to chilly necks in winter. He began to use offcuts from the industry, making the Snock a totally upcycled, zero-waste item. His design company Jaffic designs and manufactures all Snocks in Berlin.