Why is Snock a Sustainable Brand?

Sustainability has always been at the core of my business model. With the simultaneous use of the Zero Waste Manufacturing technique and Circular Fabrics, Jaffic is a sustainable fashion brand. 

I believe everyone has a responsibility to do the best we can when we it comes to making choices that affect our planet. 

What are Circular Fabrics?

It is no secret that In the fashion industry there is a lot of waste. Companies all too often miscalculate how much fabric will be needed to meet the supply demand. Unfortunately this fabric is often dumped or destroyed. 

The purpose of using Circular Fabrics is to bring back high-quality designer fabrics and give them a second chance. 

My supplier sources the fabric almost exclusively from Italian origin. All of the trusted partners work in accordance with international chemical restrictions and adhere to their ethical code of conduct. They are saving around 500,000m of fabric per year. 

What is Zero Waste Manufacturing?

Zero waste manufacturing (ZWM) entails the various techniques that promote a manufacturing system that utilizes minimum materials, generates minimum wastes, and encourages waste re-utilization. Though wastes cannot be completely prevented in manufacturing processes, strategies that allow waste prevention, minimization, recycling, redesigning, and re-use contribute towards ZWM processes.

In the fashion industry this translates to the way the fabric is cut and what happens to the scraps after the pattern is cut.

The Snock is designed to use 99% the material.